Governor Elect Rauner is working on the state budget and has Tim Nuding taking the
lead. I have worked with Tim many times over the years as a Senate Appropriations
Staff member and most recently as Leader Radogno’s Chief of Staff. Looks like he will
be the new Budget Director.

With cuts of this size how do you comply with the Ligas Consent Decree? This is going
to be a roller coaster for the next six months for sure. Maybe this is how you get both
sides to move on the income tax extension at least in the short term. The income tax
extension is scheduled to expire January 1st.

Story from the Illinois Observer below .


Rauner Seeks FY 2016 Budget Plans with 20% Cuts
Quinn Agency Directors Told to Deliver Reports in December

David Ormsby, Editor

ABOVE THE FOLD… Governor-elect Bruce Rauner’s transition team has asked for
FY 2016 draft budgets from cabinet-level departments that have a 20% cut, a
source says.

According to a long-time Springfield operative, Rauner’s transition budget point person,
Tim Nuding, currently chief of staff to Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno, held
a conference call on Friday afternoon with state agency directors and chief financial
officers, instructing them to prepare budgets that cut 20% next year, but not to cut
across the board.

Nuding, who was on the call with Quinn budget director Jerry Stermer, told the Quinn
people to prioritize their reductions.

Stermer instructed the agency chiefs to cooperate and to follow the incoming
Administration’s instructions.

Nuding wants budget analysis of the proposed cuts delivered next month. Small
agencies are to present their reports the first week of December and the bigger
agencies, the second week.

Moreover, Nuding has recommended to the Rauner transition team that they maintain
the current agency CFOs in their jobs for at least the next year, according to the source.

The agency directors? Not so lucky.

Stay tuned.

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