There is much confusion on Medicaid Redetermination so our staff put this fact sheet
together with the assistance of many other advocates. Please feel free to share this
important information.


Redetermination – What Does It Mean
And Why Am I Hearing So Much About It?

What does redetermination mean?

Every year, individuals who receive assistance through government programs must be
found eligible again for this assistance to continue.  Redetermination means that the
eligibility process is repeated. Redetermination is often referred to as rede, for short.

Who has a rede?

People who are enrolled in Medicaid:

  • Children enrolled in All Kids have a rede for their whole family.  This includes children
    participating in All Kids based on family income, children in special needs adoptions
    arranged by the Department of Child and Family Services, and children receiving
    funding for services through Medicaid waivers.  Six of the nine current Home and
    Community Based Support waivers enroll children.
  • Seniors and Adults with disabilities, many of whom have SSI (Supplemental Security
    Income) and/or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), and who have AABD
    (Assistance to the Aged, Blind or Disabled) Medicaid health insurance.  This includes
    everyone on AABD Medicaid, including those who have TPL (Third Party Liability) –
    meaning that they also have other health insurance in addition to Medicaid.
  • Low-income adults (NOT on SSI/SSDI) will have their first rede starting this year.
    This program- the “new Medicaid”, started on 1/1/14 statewide and earlier for Cook
    under the County Care Program.


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