The tax plan is moving very quickly. A final vote is expected early next week and is considered a harmful bill.  Here is an article from Politico about what is in the bill at this point.

Latest Developments 

  • 12/18 or 12/19 – The Senate may vote and will have 10 hours of debate prior to the votes.
  • 12/19 or 12/20 – The House may vote.
  • The Senate is the best bet for stopping  the bill.  Priority targets are Collins (ME), Corker (TN), Flake (AZ), Rubio (FL), and Heller (NV).  Little is known about McCain’s health and when he will return from the hospital.
  • Rubio (FL) announced yesterday that he is a No vote unless changes are made to the child tax credit.

See the letter signed by 39 national disability organizations, including The Arc, opposing the tax plan that was sent to the House and Senate on Wednesday.

Tax Bill Threatens Critical Programs – Act Now

Congress is moving quickly to pass a tax bill before Christmas that will place critical programs for people with disabilities at great risk! The bill will reduce federal revenues so much that Congress is all but certain to move to cut programs to pay for the tax cuts. In fact, several Members of Congress have been promised that Medicaid and other programs will be cut next year if Congress votes for a bill that increases the deficit.
We need your help to stop this dangerous legislation! Act now!
Thank you for all your hard work this year to save Medicaid – we know we can count on you to help us stop this latest threat!

The Arc of Illinois was happy to participate in the #TaxonDisability press conference with Access Living on Tuesday along with key state senators and house members. The Arc was represented by Katherine D. Hamann, A sibling and Director of The Arc of Illinois Family Transition Project. Katherine speaks 18 minute and 38 seconds into the press conference! Thanks Katherine!


 The House Appropriations Committee released a bill this week that would fund the Pentagon for a full year while offering only five weeks of domestic spending, coupled with a five-year reauthorization of the children’s health program. “The stopgap strategy was the focus of a closed-door House Republican conference meeting Wednesday afternoon,” Sarah Ferris reports. “During the hour-long session, Republicans mostly agreed to go ahead with the bill, even as some members openly predicted it would be rejected in the Senate.” Forty four Senate Democrats have already said they would oppose any such deal. Government funding runs out Dec. 22. Bres, Sarah and Jen Scholtes with the latest: (From Politico)

Still No CHIP Funding!

“Why millions of children could lose their health insurance in 2018,” by Time’s Nash Jenkins: Story here

ABLE Act Amendment:

As the U.S. Senate worked to pass its version of the tax bill, they added an amendment that appears to try to benefit people in need of ABLE accounts. However, disability advocates are coming out in serious opposition to this amendment, because it would result in additional administrative burden on both program administrators and people with disabilities, and create unnecessary complexities.  The current language, if passed, would leave individuals with disabilities who are ABLE account owners in a vulnerable position that risks the loss of vital supports provided by various means-tested programs. This is in complete contrast to the very intent of the ABLE Act. See this letter for a full explanation:ABLEtoWork-Act-Concerns-(Final-LH).pdf. Advocates are asking that you contact your members of congress to let them know that the ABLE Act Amendment to the Senate tax bill would not help people with disabilities.

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