Here is Phil’s report on the elections and override session.




1.  Donald Trump was elected President and Mike Pence Vice-President.   They have pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which contains insurance reform provisions (e.g., elimination of the pre-existing condition exclusion) that, if repealed, will have  a huge  impact on persons  with disabilities  and  their families.  Other than mentioning health care savings accounts, they have  not indicated whether they will replace the ACA with something else and what that replacement statute would be.   They will be nominating a 9th justice to the Supreme Court who will likely be very conservative.   In addition to the many  long-term implications of such an appointment, there are 2 IDEA cases currently pending before the Court that will be decided this  term,  Endrew F., which deals with the key issue of how much progress a student must to shown to make to establish that  the  student is receiving a free appropriate public education  (FAPE);  and Fry, a service animal access case that raises the broader issue of when Parents/Students can sue directly under the ADA or Section 504 rather than first exhausting administrative remedies under IDEA.

2.  The US  House remains in Republican control.   Last count is 239-R, 193-D, 3 undecided.

3.  The US Senate also will have a Republican majority.   Last count is 51-R, 48-D, 1 undecided from Louisiana.   In Illinois Tammy Duckworth (D) defeated Mark Kirk (R).


1.  Former State Rep. Susana Mendoza (D) was elected Comptroller, defeating incumbent Leslie Munger (R) who was appointed to a 2-year  term in  2014 when Judy Baar Topinka passed  away after the  2014 election.

2.  IL Senate:   The Republicans  gained 2 Senate seats, giving the  Democrats a 37-22 majority.    The 2 seats gained were (!) in the 47th District in Western Illinois where incumbent Democrat John Sullivan retired and former House member Jil Tracy (R) from Quincy was elected.  She ran
unopposed; and (2) in the 59th District in Southern illinois where Republican Dan Fowler defeated incumbent Democrat Gary Forby.

3. IL House:  The Republicans had a net gain of 4 seats, giving the Democrats a 67-51 majority.   The Democrats lost their 71 vote supermajority, but  in reality they could not  count on all 71 votes  on controversial issues anyway.   Four Democrats lost their races:  Andy Skoog(76th Dist.), Kate
Cloonen (79th), John Bradley (117th), and Mike Smiddy (71st).  One Democrat, Jack Franks, retired and was replaced by  a Republican, Steven Reick (63rd).   The Democrats gained a seat in the 112th District in SW Illinois when incumbent Dwight Kay lost to Democrat Kate Stuart.


Unfortunately I do not see a lot of movement out of the  current  budget stalemate between the Speaker and Governor.  Veto session is next week and the week after Thanksgiving, although there  are rumors  the second week may be cancelled.   HB 5931 (DSP Wage Increase) will be up  for a
veto  override veto.   HB 4351, the bill dealing with the Determination of Need Assessment (DON), will also be up for an  override vote.

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