Monday, the Governor met with House Democrats to discuss extension of the state
income tax and cuts that would have to be made if the tax were not extended. It was
a hard meeting for the Governor and the House Democrats.

Also, Majority Leader Currie introduced House Bill 395, Amendment 1. This is the
bill that will maintain the income tax rate at 5% and make it permanent.

We have our work cut out for us, as we talked to legislators in the Capitol today
many were hesitant about supporting the extension of the state income tax.  In fact,
Legislative leaders are saying that as of today, they do not have the votes to
extend the income tax. If they did, they would have already voted and passed it.
The Legislative Session is scheduled to end on May 31st leaving us little time to
get support for:

  1. $1.00 per hour increase for DSP’s
  2. Moving 500 individuals off the PUNS Waiting List
  3. Complying with the Ligas Consent Decree
  4. Increasing the personal care allowance to $60.00 per month
  5. Implementing Employment First
  6. And much more…

If the extension of the income tax is not passed, legislators will have to make cuts
that could amount to 25%! There would be no wage increase. There would be no
one moving off the PUNS Waiting List. And the state would be in violation of the
Ligas Consent Decree.

I need you to do more. We cannot fail. It is time to enlist other advocates and ask
them to call their legislators in their Springfield office and ask them to support:

  1. Extension of the state income tax rate
  2. Support the $1.00 increase for Direct Service Professionals

Identify your Illinois State Senator and Representative by clicking on this link:

On Tuesday, a great team of staff from Trinity Services were with Phil and I in the
Capitol. Here is a picture of some of the group with Rep Gabel. Rep Gabel is the
Chief Sponsor of the Care Campaigns wage increase for DSP’s.

Amada Ruiz Grant, Rep Gable, Larry Marks, Jovan Lumpkins and Jackie

Wednesday & Thursday, Arc Staff will be in the Capitol working for a just state
budget that grows community services for individuals with disabilities.

I need you to do the same.

Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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