Disability community eager for help from Rauner

The disability community listened with great interest to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of
the State address.

We realize Illinois faces major financial challenges in the years ahead, and we are
optimistic about its future.

While Gov. Rauner outlined his blueprint for significant change to state government,
a key missing component is how to address the more than 22,000 people with
disabilities on a waiting list for much-needed supports and services and how we are
going to ensure that they are not left behind as the state struggles to get its fiscal
house in order.

Ensuring that people with disabilities have the same opportunities, choices and
resources as the rest of society should be high on the list of priorities. We are talking
about people with a range of intellectual and developmental disabilities – men, women
and children proudly trying to fit in and reach their maximum potential, despite the
barriers in their path.

We encourage Gov. Rauner and his team to make employment opportunities for
people with disabilities a priority in addition to providing resources to help them live
safe, happy and prosperous lives in a community of their choice.

The disability community would like to congratulate Gov. Rauner on his success and
extend our eagerness to work with his administration to ensure equality for all

Tony Paulauski


Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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