What an incredible Leadership Conference we hosted with the Executive Forum last
week with our largest attendance ever. The programs, information shared and
networking were exceptional to say the least. Special thank you to Arc President
Brian Rubin, Executive Forum President Kyle Rick and The Arc’s staff for all of their
hard work and leadership on this conference.

Kyle Rick

Today, I would like to share with you all of the valuable presentations and
materials that were distributed during the conference.

John Newton

John Newton, “Succession Planning: Plan for it Before You Need It!” John’s
crucial message was that everyone holding a key position within an organization
should have a succession plan in place. Succession planning does not apply only to
the CEO. It applies to your staff and board as well. John also shared many easy to
use tools to assist in developing succession plans. John is an incredible resource
can be reached at: Newton.jna@gmail.com

Handouts included:

Marty Ford

Marty Ford, Director of Public Policy, The Arc, “New Congress in Washington D.C.”
Marty walked us through the changes in the Congress after the recent elections.
Both the House and Senate now hold Republican majorities. The impact on disability
policy issues like Medicaid, housing, social security, special education, etc… were
reviewed. We have to educate the new members of Congress about the importance
of inclusive supports in the community. Marty Ford can be reached at:

Directors Romano & Casey 

“New CMS Rules on Community: What They Mean to Illinois.” This was a panel with
Marty Ford briefing the attendees on the new rules, then Directors Casey and
Romano responding. Director Casey held that community service providers are
going to have to review current practice in light of these new rules. Director Romano
saw great opportunity for individuals with IDD as we move to a Person Centered
System here in Illinois. There was also little doubt that these new rules were going
to be expensive to implement. Illinois is now developing a Transition Plan and could
have up to four years to come into compliance with the new CMS rules.


Director Hansen & Barry Taylor

Equip for Equality Attorneys Barry Taylor, Melissa Picciola and Cheryl Jansen did a
presentation on, “Illinois Employment First Blueprint.”  The Blueprint has an
extensive review of Employment First initiatives throughout the country and makes
recommendations for Illinois action steps. The Blueprint is very well done. Director
of the Dept. of Rehabilitation Services David Hansen also discussed employment
initiatives for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities within
his Dept. Barry Taylor can be reached at: BarryT@EquipforEquality.org

Handouts included:


Tony Records

Tony Records, Ligas Court Monitor, “Ligas Third Year Report & Recommendations.”
Tony led us through his recommendations and the need for resources for
implementation. The Monitor will be looking at community living options and
employment being offered to class members and community rates in this next year.
Tony Records can be reached at: TRAConsult@MindSpring.com



Director Romano, Tony, Bridget Brown & Rep Patti Bellock

Representative Patti Bellock was our final speaker and shared with us her working
relationship with the new Governor and his team. Rep Bellock indicated that the
budget will be in turmoil the next two years, but Governor Rauner consistently talked
about the need to protect vulnerable individuals including people with disabilities. She
was quite positive that the new leadership will be good for Illinois. Rep Bellock serves
on committees that relate to individuals with disabilities, including appropriations. She
continues to be a strong advocate for people with disabilities.

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