I wanted to share with you the information packed and dynamic presentations that were shared
with us at The Arc Executive Forum Leadership Conference last week. The conference itself was
like a Who’s Who in the disability system! I learned so much and there is so much going on here
in Illinois and around the nation!

Tony & Cathy Ficker Terrill

“The Importance of Outcome Measures in Quality of Life,” Cathy Ficker Terrill, President & CEO,
the Council on Leadership & Quality. Cathy’s presentation stressed the importance of personal
quality of life measures as a fundamental requirement for managed long-term care. Knowing who
the person is, their wants and needs, should be what drives the person-centered planning

Laura Owens and Arc President Brian Rubin

“Moving Towards Employment First in Illinois,” Laura Owens, Executive Director of Association of
People Supporting Employment First. Laura shared the national changes now taking place as we
move towards Employment First and what Illinois can expect as it moves from day training to
Employment First. Laura also shared with us the Massachusetts Blueprint for Employment which
is moving to close all of their sheltered workshops by June, 2015.

Tony Records Ligas Court Monitor

“Ligas Implementation Next Steps,” Tony Records, Ligas Court Monitor. This was an outstanding
insight into the important work of the Court Monitor and the major changes our disability system
is undergoing because of the Ligas Consent Decree. Tony went throught the recommendations
of the Ligas Second Annual Report which includes barriers class members are facing as they
move off the waiting list and out of ICFDD’s. He also talked about important quality measures he
will be looking at in year three (2014) around quality issues of small community living
arrangements, employment services and flexible day services/supports.

Directors Romano & Casey

“System Changes in the Developmental Disability System,” Directors Kevin Casey and Sheila
Romano. There are so many important projects and changes in the Illinois Disability System that
we asked the two Directors to report on some of the more important changes taking place. First
of all, “Rebalancing” is much more comprehensive than just closing state institutions.
Rebalancing also includes true person-centered planning, enhanced individual service
coordination, moving people off the waiting list, moving towards Employment First, offering
individuals who live in ICFDD’s real choice, flexible day services and innovative living models.
This was an information loaded session!

Lilia Teninty & Secretary Saddler

“Managed Care with a Touch of 1115,” Lilia Teninty, Senior Policy Specialist, Human Services
Research Institute and former Director of Developmental Disabilities! In her presentation, Lilia
walked us through what other states are experiencing in the managed care of long-term services.
She also shared with us what we should be advocating for if Illinois is to move forward with Phase
III of the Integrated Care Program. Lastly, Lilia shared with us her thoughts and concerns on the
latest draft of the Illinois 1115 Medicaid Transformation Waiver. This was critical information for
these changing times in Illinois.

Family Advocates Kimberly Evans, Missy Kichline, Shirley, Tony & Toni Howard

“Ligas Family Advocates Program,” Shirley Perez, Executive Director, Family Support Network.
Shirley reviewed a new program for The Arc: The Ligas Family Advocates Program has one
purpose – to connect recipients of Ligas award letters seeking Home Based or CILA services and
their families with family advocates who are knowledgeable about creative ways to utilize their Ligas
funding to build successful lives in the community. Ligas Family Advocates will work to provide
information to award letter recipients and their families about options. A primary goal of the program
is to connect families with other families so they can share their unique perspective as stakeholders
in the system. This program will initially focus on Ligas class members within the areas served by
three Independent Service Coordination agencies: Community Service Options Inc., Developmental
Disabilities Services Metro East and Suburban Access. The overall goal is to roll out this program
state-wide. Data collected from Ligas class members and their families will be shared with the Ligas
Court Monitor and the Division of Developmental Disabilities to promote positive systemic change.
We are very excited about this new resource for class members and their families.

Mark Doyle Governor’s Office

“Conference Wrap-Up,” Mark Doyle, Transition of Care, Project Manager, Office of the Governor.
Mark represented the Governor at this conference. We asked Mark to summarize important issues
that he would take to the Governor for his consideration. Needless to say, we covered a lot during
those two days. Mark stated the importance of the continuation of “Rebalancing” in the
comprehensive sense is one of the most important messages. People need flexible options for
community supports so they can have a life in the community we all enjoy, including employment.
Mark understands some of the barriers to community that include low rates, waiting lists and CILA.
We really appreciated that Mark spent the entire time with us at the Leadership Conference and that
he would report his findings to the Governor and his leadership team.

Next year’s Leadership Conference will be February 5-6, 2015 at the Hilton in Lisle.

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