An Arc initiative, House Bill 2512, Protection of Individuals with Disabilities in the Criminal
Justice System Task Force, Chief Sponsor Rep Michael Zalewski. When people with
intellectual and other developmental disabilities get caught in the criminal justice system,
the consequences can be quite severe and lifelong. We see this as the beginning of an
important process to protect individuals with IDD in the criminal justice system.

 Rep Zalewski

H.B. 2512, creates the Protection of Individuals with Disabilities in the Criminal Justice
System Task Force consisting of up to 25 members appointed by the Attorney General.
Provides that the members shall reflect the racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity of
the State. Specifies the categories of individuals to serve on the Task Force. Provides
that the members of the Task Force shall serve without compensation. Provides that
the Office of the Attorney General shall provide administrative and other support to the
Task Force. Provides that the Task Force shall consider issues that affect adults and
juveniles with disabilities with respect to their involvement with the police, detention and
confinement in corrections facilities, representation by counsel, participation in the
criminal justice system, communications with their families, awareness and
accommodations for their disabilities, and concerns for the safety of the general public
and individuals working in the criminal justice system. Provides that the Task Force
shall make recommendations to the Governor and to the General Assembly regarding
policies, procedures, legislation, and other actions that can be taken to protect the
public safety and the well-being and rights of individuals with disabilities in the criminal
justice system. Provides that the Task Force shall submit a report with its findings and
recommendations to the Governor, the Attorney General, and the General Assembly
on or before March 31, 2016. Repeals the Act on June 30, 2016. Effective immediately.

Rep Gabel

House Bill 3158,Down Syndrome Information Act, Chief Sponsor: Rep Robyn Gabel.
The Arc has been working with National Association for Down Syndrome and UPS
for Downs
on this bill.

H.B. 3158, creates the Down Syndrome Information and Awareness Act. Requires
the Department of Public Health to make available up-to-date, evidence-based
written information about Down syndrome. Sets forth a list of the type of
information the Department must offer. Provides that the Department shall make
this information available to persons who render prenatal care, postnatal care, or
genetic counseling to parents who receive a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of
Down syndrome. Requires a health care provider who renders prenatal or
postnatal care, or genetic counselor who renders genetic counseling to, upon
receipt of a positive test result from a test for Down syndrome, provide an expectant
or new parent with the information provided by the Department.

Rep Fine 

House Bill 235, Dental Sedation, Chief Sponsor: Rep Laura Fine.  We are working with
Autism Speaks on this bill which is being amended to cover individuals with intellectual
and other developmental disabilities including autism.

H.B. 235, amends the Illinois Insurance Code. Provides that individual or group policies
of accident and health insurance amended, delivered, issued, or renewed after the
effective date of the Act shall cover charges incurred, and anesthetics provided, in
conjunction with dental care that is provided to a covered individual in a dental office,
oral surgeon’s office, hospital, or ambulatory surgical treatment center if the individual
is under age 26 and has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder as defined
in Section 10 of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Reporting Act.

You can now ask your State House Representative to become a co-sponsor of these
important bills.

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