There was a frenzy of action last week to move bills out of committee in the House and Senate
because the deadline to move legislation was Friday.

We did see the compromise budget legislation move as the Governor and the Legislative
Leaders agreed upon a budget for the re remainder of this fiscal year which ends June 30
(see my summary send earlier today).

Here is where some of the bills we have been working that passed the deadline last week.

House Bill 2512, The Arc’s Criminal Justice Bill, passed out of committee and is now on the
floor of the House for debate.

House Bill 235, Dental Sedation passed out of committee and now goes to the floor of the
House. We expect a real battle in the Senate from the insurance industry. It was really great
working with Autism Speaks on this important bill for people with intellectual and other
developmental disabilities. Well done Mike Baker.

HB Down Syndrome Information Act HB 3158 also moved out of committee on the floor of the
House. Senate Republican Leader Chris Radogno has introduced this same bill in the Senate
so we have two bills! Special thanks to the Down Syndrome community for their support of this
bill especially Ali and Mike Reninger for hanging around all day and finally Ali did get to testify
before the House Human Services Committee see picture and note below. Robyn is the
Chairperson of the committee.

Care Campaign Direct Support Professional Wage Bills, Senate Bill 1822,and House Bill 3255
did not make it out of committee. Wages for direct support professionals will continue to be an
issue in the next phase of the legislative session after the Easter Break during the budget

I have asked Phil to prepare a full report on special education and disability legislation still
alive after the House and Senate Legislative Deadlines.



Rep Gabel and Ali!

Dear Mike,

I am privileged to carry the bill. Allie’s testimony was so informative and moving. I appreciate
you waiting for hours until the end of the committee hearing.

The emails your network is sending to legislators should help me pass the bill. We will
request a bill signing ceremony when the Governor signs the bill in the summer and will be
sure to invite you.

Happy spring!

Best regards,
Robyn Gabel
State Representative, 18th District

Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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Frankfort, IL 60423
815-464-1832 (OFFICE)
815-464-1832 (CELL)