Never before in our history have we had so many opportunities and so many threats. Looming budget cuts in Springfield and Washington D.C. could crush disability and human services. Then we have Governor Quinn’s Rebalancing Initiative that is redesigning the entire disability system in Illinois emphasizing person-centered planing, individual budgets and employment!
Arc President Brian Rubin, Governor Quinn & Tony

We have developed this toolkit for you to use with newly elected legislators who are identified in the toolkit and you can also use it with more seasoned legislator who may need a refresher course on disability issues!

This is a work in progress so you can expect revisions as the legislative session moves forward. Let me know your suggestions for improvement or other issues that need to be included.

Included in The Arc’s Legislative Toolkit for Advocates are:

  1. The Legislative Toolkit
  2. Ten Disability Questions for Legislators That Represent you in Springfield.
  3. Illinois House of Representatives Key Disability Committees & Members.
  4. Illinois Senate Key Disability Committees & Members.
  5. Disability Questions for Legislators That Represent You in Washington D.C.
  6. Advocacy Talking Points on Integrated Care Pilot Phase Three: The Managed Care of Developmental Disabilities.
  7. Fact Sheets & Talking Points on Governor Quinn’s Rebalancing Initiative & The Going Home Campaign.
  8. 14 States Without Institutions.
  9. Institutional Residents With I/DD in the U.S.: 1848 to 2009 Chart.
  10. Newest Illinois State House of Representatives.
  11. Newest Illinois State Senate Members.
  12. Newest U.S. House of Representatives Members.

Let me know your about your meetings with your legislators!

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