I will be in Washington D.C. next week for our annual Disability Policy Seminar so you
will get a break from my memos to you.

Here is our legislative summary from our Governmental Affairs Consultant Phil Milsk.


April 4, 2014


HB 3698(Gabel) and SB 2604(Steans) are not moving.  This is a budget issue and
the Governor has proposed the incorporation of a wage increase in his budget for
portion of FY 2015, subject to the extension of the current income tax rates.


SB 3124(Morrison) did not advance to the floor and appears dead.


Part of the Governor’s State of the State Address.  SB 68 (Lightford) is on 3rd Reading
in the Senate.  The bill would raise the State minimum wage in 3 increments to $10.65/
hour on July 1, 2016.


SJRCA 40(Harmon) would remove the non-graduated income tax rate from the IL
Constitution.  If adopted, the measure would be put on the November ballot.  The
measure is currently in a Senate Executive Committee Subcommittee on Constitutional

Sen. Harmon has also proposed a new tax bracket structure in the event a constitutional
amendment is passed.

HJRCA 51 (Madigan) would impose a 2% tax surcharge on income over $1 million per
year.  The revenue would be distributed to school districts on a per pupil basis.

HB 1554(Flowers) would impose a tax on certain financial transactions (options,
derivatives, etc.)   This bill did not advance out of committee.   The issue is part of the
revenue discussion, but unlikely to be part of any package.


HB 3820 (Crespo) The bill states that this is the work of the new Single Audit Commission
based on a report issued by the Commission.  The Commission was created by HB 2 last
year.   The bill incorporates provisions of federal regulations governing federal grants,
creates a new office within GOMB to regulate and administer State grants and federal pass-
through grants, and is designed, according to the DHS CFO, to streamline the process,
increase transparency and eliminate redundancy.  The bill is on 3rd Reading in the House.


HB 5307(G. Harris) is on 3rd Reading in the House.   Provides that a service provider must
(1) keep a written record of all financial arrangements and transactions involving each
individual recipient’s funds, (2) allow the guardian of the recipient access to the written
record, (3) provide the recipient, recipient’s guardian, or recipient’s immediate family member
a written itemized statement of all financial transactions involving the recipient’s funds, or a
copy of the checking or savings account register; (4) purchase and maintain a surety bond
or other commercial policy with crime coverage in an amount equal to or greater than all of
the recipients’ personal funds deposited with the provider to which employees of the provider
have access; (5) upon written request of the recipient or guardian, return to the recipient or
guardian of the estate all or any part of the recipient’s funds given to the provider for


HB 5598(Feigenholtz) would allow a parent to obtain services for a minor who has a serious
mental illness, emotional disorder or developmental disability without having to relinquish
custody of the minor to DCFS.   The bill is on 2nd Reading in the House.  There have been
negotiations among various State agencies and the last message I received from Randy
Wells at DHS is that some sort of agreement has been reached between DCFS, DHS, HFS
and ISBE regarding an interagency agreement.  I do not have the details as yet.


HB 5707(Cassidy) would amend the bullying prevention provisions of the School Code by
requiring certain procedures as part of a local school district’s bullying policies.  It also
emphasizes the need for restorative interventions for both the victim and the student who
engages in bullying behavior.   The bill is on 2nd Reading in the House and the testimony
of Kimberly Evans of the Family Support Network was instrumental in moving this bill out of

HB 3700 (Osmond) would require schools to screen children for dyslexia and other
reading disabilities when they enter Kindergarten.   The bill is on 2nd Reading in the House.

HB 4407(Gabel) would clarify that the stay-put placement provisions of the Early
Intervention Systems Services Act apply to due process hearings, mediation and State
Complaints.  The EI stay-put procedures operates similar to the one under special
education. The bill is on 2nd Reading in the House.

HB 4527(Chapa Lavia) is an ISBE bill that requires charter schools to comply with all federal
and State laws and rules regarding special education and English Language Learning.
The bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate.

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