Yesterday I had an excellent discussion with Director Fenton on discriminatory zoning practices in Springfield and Lisle and payment delays for service providers. Many providers are now being paid for Fiscal Year 2017 services. If not, check with the Division. The Director and I also discussed his presentation at the Sept. 14th Executive Forum meeting. The Director will cover compliance with the new CMS Rules on community and status of the crisis intervention system.

Today finds me in Chicago for a meeting with Hyatt Corporate Staff on Employment First.

Thursday, Phil and I will meet with Representative Bellock on important disability issues.

Below is Phil’s update on recent actions by the Governor on legislation.


The Arc of Illinois Legislative Update
August 31, 2016

By Phil Milsk, Governmental Affairs Consultant


HB 5931(Gabel/Steans)—Wage Increase for Direct Support Personnel
“Care Campaign” bill that would raise the wage for front line personnel serving individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in residential and day programs including intermediate care facilities, CILA, developmental training, employment and other residential and day programs supported by State funds or Medicaid to $15/hour.   It would require the State to adjust rates and reimbursements to support the wage increase for direct support personnel and other front line personnel. The bill received 67 votes in the House and 40 in the Senate.

Status:  Governor Vetoed 8/26/16.

SB 2610(Mulroe/Durkin)—Single Continuum of Care License
This bill was proposed by Misericordia.  It would create a single continuum of care license for a service delivery model that includes CILA, campus group homes, skilled nursing facilities and employment and training opportunities.  It would allow individuals to be transitioned within the continuum of care “seamlessly” and in a timely manner.  It would incorporate employment and training services that will not be aligned with Employment First.  The bill also requires IDHFS to apply for federal approval of either a Medicaid waiver or a State Medicaid Plan amendment for the continuum of care service model.   Under this legislation IDHS would become the agency responsible for regulating skilled nursing facilities under the new single license instead of IDPH, but IDPH would be required to collaborate with IDHS in this process.

Status:  Governor Signed 8/25/16, Public Act 99-0892, effective January 1, 2017.

SB 420(Steans/Currie)—Medicaid Payment for Durable Medical Equipment


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