A letter to the families with relatives at the Murray Developmental Center.

Community living

The Arc of Illinois has called for the rebalancing of the disability system for many years and supports the closure of institutions as long as the people living there have a safe and smooth transition to community services.

The governor has developed a rebalancing initiative bringing in national experts to assist individuals and their guardians to make a safe and secure move to community living. The approach is very different from past state institutional closings because it requires the full participation of individuals and their guardians every step of the way.

I realize that this is an emotional time and I am committed to working with families at the Warren G. Murray Developmental Center to ensure a safe and meaningful transition into community living. Community living offers around-the-clock care and, unlike institutions, it allows people with disabilities a personalized care plan where they can live close to family and friends and be part of a community. This is about making sure people with disabilities enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities as everyone else.

I believe it is imperative that state institutions be closed in Illinois. Thousands of people have safely and happily transitioned from an institution to community living. About half of those currently living in a community setting came from an institution or nursing home. It has changed their lives, it can be done and we are here to help them through the process.

Tony Paulauski, executive director, the Arc of Illinois, Frankfort 

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