Recently, a number of self-advocates and families have contacted us regarding
unexpected difficulties they have encountered when trying to apply for Medicaid
for the first time after they have been approved for SSI (Supplemental Security

Medicaid eligibility for Illinois residents with disabilities who have been found
eligible for SSI has not changed.

However, part of the Affordable Care Act, called “ACA Medicaid” or the “new
Medicaid” has expanded eligibility for adults based only on their income.

In the past, only low-income pregnant/parenting adults and adults with SSI-
certified disabilities could qualify for Medicaid.

Now, new eligibility rules for this group of adults (called Modified Adjusted
Gross Income or MAGI rules) , mean that the incomes of all members of their
household are counted .The MAGI rules do not apply to people who are enrolled
in SSI.

There has been some confusion regarding the rules when some adults on SSI
have attempted to apply for Medicaid, which resulted in their applications being

Our staff has worked with representatives from HFS and DHS to clear up this

We have developed our new fact sheet, Medicaid Application Information for SSI
, which explains these special Medicaid eligibility rules and also how to
apply for Medicaid.

Please contact our Family to Family Health Information Center at 866-931-1110 or
our Illinois Life Span Project at 800-588-7002 if you have question or need more
information about this topic.

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Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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