Today, back to Chicago to meet with Celia Feinstein to discuss the PUNS Database. 

Yesterday advocates from the Going Home Coalition met with Senate President Cullerton to
discuss the Governor’s Rebalancing Initiative and opportunities being offered to individuals
residing in state institutions. It was a very good meeting with excellent discussion and questions
from the President. The Going Home Coalition continues to meet with policymakers to educate
them on the benefits of community living. Next week we will be in the Capitol at the Speak Up
Summit. Everyone can live a full life in the community.

Tere Garate, CEO, Neumann Family Services; Katherine Hamann, Director, Family Transition
Project; President Cullerton and Gary Arnold, Access Living

I also had the opportunity to meet with Tony Records, Ligas Court Monitor to discuss his Second
Annual Report on Ligas Implementation. It is good to say that the Court Monitor believes the state
is working hard to implement the Ligas Consent Decree. Below are his Overall Comments in his
report and a link to the entire Second Year Report.
While the state has reach its benchmarks in the second year, the Court Monitor will spend more
time in the next year on:

1.    Integrated living arrangements
2.    Meaningful day options
3.    Outreach to class members and choice

Second Annual Report of the Court Monitor


Overall Comments

Over the first two years of implementation of the Ligas Decree, the Monitor has
watched gradual, yet constant growth in the defendants’ capacity to achieve
compliance and support class members and their families to the best of their
ability. The defendants’ effort is unquestionably strong and evident. The results
of these efforts are now coming to fruition. Since June 15, 2011, services have
been provided for more than 2,200 class members, including ICF/DD class
members, waiting list class members and those in crisis. A year ago, the Monitor
expressed much vexation and doubt noting the many difficulties and challenges
facing compliance. Through the diligent work of the defendants, with full
cooperation from class counsel and the intervenors, much has been accomplished.
The Monitor will continue to work diligently with the parties and intervenors until
substantial compliance with all of the requirements becomes a reality.

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