Shirley Perez and I are heading to Bloomington today to meet with other Statewide
Associations about Managed Care Phase III. Read
The Arc’s Position Opposing Phase III. 

You can still register at the door for The Arc of Illinois Living with Autism Conference at
the Tinley Park Convention Center. This is a world class program for Autism advocates
and professionals. Don’t miss this event!
Wednesday and Thursday I will be in Chicago for a series of meeting with the Northeastern
Illinois Public Transit Task Force (NEIL). You will recall I was appointed to NEIL by Governor

The closing of the Murray Developmental Center continues to be very interesting with court
battles and another hearing by the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board. The
Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board is extremely important in the closing of
Murray. Please send at letter indicating your support of closing Murray and recommend that
we continue to invest in community by supporting the Governor’s Rebalancing Initiative. Here
is an excellent Action Alert on Murray send out by our good friend Amber Smock. Please

Letters Needed By October 9! Support Murray Closure More Info
Keep Community Integration a Priority in Illinois
If you believe that people with developmental disabilities deserve the right to live in the community, we need your help.   On October 9, the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board will host a public hearing on the proposed closure of the Murray Developmental Center in Centralia.  People who want to keep Murray open are fighting very hard, and we need to counter with a strong show of support for closure.  Illinois cannot continue to be held hostage to its heritage of warehousing people with developmental disabilities in large state-run facilities.

Over the decades, one by one, Illinois’ State Operated Developmental Centers have been shutting down.  We have seven left.  Year by year, our nation as a whole has been spending less and less on these settings; in fact, the peak point of US expenditures on large state-run institutions for people with developmental disabilities was the early 1990s.  It is the perspective of Access Living that year by year, families and people with disabilities have come to expect that community-based settings are what people with developmental disabilities want and expect.

It is also the perspective of Access Living that year by year, we are seeing home- and community-based services expand because that is what people need and want.  In fact, Illinois was recently ok’d by the Centers on Medicaid and Medicare Services to participate in the Balancing Incentive Program, which is supposed to help shift Illinois’ spending on Medicaid home and community based services to at least 50% of the whole it spends now on Medicaid long term care services.  It is a lot of work, but we have faith that we are going to see an Illinois with strengthened home and community based services so that no one has to live in a large state-run institution.

Fourteen states are free of large state-run institutions. We believe Illinois needs to become #15.  You can help us!

We need advocates like YOU to write a letter to the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board  stating why you think that the Murray Developmental Center needs to close. The letters are due October 9.  If you would like to learn more about the successful transition of residents of past institutions into the community, visit the Going Home Campaign at

Please address your letters to:

Mike Constantino, Supervisor, Project Review Section
Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board
525 West Jefferson Street (2nd Floor)
Springfield, Illinois 62761

As we get closer to October 9, we will be sending reminders to you to get those
letters in
.   In particular, if you are a person with a developmental disability living in the
community, or the family member of someone living in the community, we urge you to write
a letter explaining why community living works for you.



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