As you know, last week the major state associations sent a letter to Governor Rauner
requesting guidance in case a state budget is now passed by June 30th. We have not
received a response as of the writing of this memo. I did talk to Director Fenton yesterday
explaining the urgency of need for families and providers to make plans for the provision
of community services without funding or contracts. The Director indicated that the
Administration and the Secretary were aware of the urgency and would be responding
shortly so people can make plans. I also talked to attorneys at Equip for Equality about the
possibility of non-compliance with the consent decrees without a state budget.

In my opinion the greatest risk remains the grant programs such as respite care, The
Autism Program, Illinois Life Span and others. These important services do not receive
Medicaid match.
Programs that receive Medicaid match such as CILA, Day Training, Home-Based Services,
ICFDD, etc. are in a much stronger position for funding. These Medicaid funded services
will be funded if the services are provided to eligible individuals because of Medicaid
requirements. The question remains, when would those services be funded?

In the past, we have seen a month-to-month budget passed to keep services operating
but your guess is as good as mine if this is even a possibility with the Legislative Leaders
and the Governor.
I believe we need to see what the Administration recommends and hopefully that guidance
will be issued shortly. Grant programs remain at high risk.

Last Friday, the Judith Gethner, Executive Director of Illinois Partners met with Rep
Bellock and Senator Biss to discuss the state budget situation and issued this summary
of what providers can expect. Judith is an important collaborator in this effort and highly
respected in the Capitol. Thank you Judith for this information.

I remain on medical leave but you can see we are following this very closely.

Ligas Court Monitor Tony Records

In other news, the court is expected to appoint a new Court Monitor for Ligas this Thursday.
Tony Records last day as Court Monitor will be June 30th. The Arc has enjoyed a
tremendous working relationship with Tony over the years. Tony’s leadership has had a
tremendous positive impact on the Developmental Disability System with over 15,000 class
members benefiting from his advocacy. Well done Tony!

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