Another bust week for The Arc.

Tuesday, President Terri Devine and I will meet with new Arc Board Member
Cristina Perez in Chicago. Cristina received her BA from the University of Chicago
in 2009 and recently completed her Masters in Social Service Administration at the
University of Chicago. She is a Graduate Intern with the Heartland Alliance Policy &
Advocacy Team and is also a trainee with the Illinois Leadership Education in
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Training Program. Cristina has an older
brother with autism and feels her family’s experiences moving from Puerto Rico to
Texas and navigating services for her brother has been instrumental in deciding her
life perspective and professional trajectory.  She states, “I want to help protect and
develop structures, services and relationships that can help support families like
mine and individuals like my brother.”

Wednesday, we talk media strategies with Morreale Communications then hearings
on proposed rule changes on DHS appeals also in Chicago.

Friday back to Chicago to meet with Director Romano.

As you are aware, Governor Rauner signed Senate Bill 2042 which allows the state
to pay providers from federal funds. See Director Fentor’s memo below.


All, as you are aware, SB2042 HAM#3 has been signed into law (P.A. 99-0409).
The act includes several federal appropriations to support IDHS programs.  It is the
Department’s intention to begin issuing payments as soon as possible.  To that end,
IDHS is working closely with the Illinois Office of the Comptroller to establish the
new appropriations and the federal contract obligations.  Once the federal contracts
obligations are established, IDHS will begin submitting vouchers for payment.

We appreciate your continued service to our customers and we are working as
quickly as we can to get federal vouchers processed and paid.

Greg Fenton
Division of Developmental Disabilities

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Executive Director
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