Today the Executive Forum meets with Ligas Court Monitor Ronnie Cohn, Laura Miller
from Equip for Equality and The Arc’s Governmental Affairs Consultant Phil Milsk.

Late yesterday, the Senate passed a Senator Steans bill SB 2046, Amendment 1 which
would restore disability grants such as The Autism Program, Illinois Life Span, Respite
Services, Dental, “and any other services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
that are not covered by Medicaid or the Ligas Consent Decree.” The bill now goes to
the House. See how your Senator voted on SB 2046.

Further thoughts on the Senate hearing on provider payments last Tuesday. As I have
shared with you before, I expect the Administration to begin to challenge all consent
decrees and look to cutting Medicaid rates. This was a very clear message during the
hearing. Here is a link to the Senate Hearing, scroll down to the second video.

Story from Pantagraph in Bloomington.


Illinois Senate advance spending plan for human services

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The Illinois Senate has advanced a plan to pay for human
services during a state budget impasse.

The 36-19 vote Wednesday would provide $1.8 billion in general revenue spending
and $2 billion in other state funds for child care, cancer screening, immunizations,
autism treatment and more.

The Democratic-controlled Legislature and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner have been
unable to agree on a budget which should have taken effect July 1. Federal court
orders are requiring billions of dollars to be paid for service programs.

Sen. Heather Steans (STAYNZ’) — a Chicago Democrat — says other key programs
are being ignored. Her legislation also releases millions of dollars in fuel taxes to

Rauner has resisted piecemeal efforts in favor of a universal solution.

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