First and foremost, providers must complete the financial report Ligas attorneys have requested. Here is a link to the report: Data Requested from ICF and CILA Providers Regarding Rates. Get it in as soon as possible!

On Friday, attorneys for the Ligas Consent Decree held a webinar for providers on the importance of increasing rates and wages for DSP’s. As you know the Court Monitor has found the state to be in non-compliance with the Ligas Consent Decree. This is our opportunity to prove to the Judge that we have a funding crisis here in Illinois that is not in the best interests of the people we support.

This is one of those weeks I love but there are just not enough hours to get things done!

Today in Chicago, providers gather at the University of Illinois at Chicago to discuss strategies for action to end the recruitment and retention crisis of Direct Service Professionals.

Tuesday, I head to the Capitol to host a press conference for the Raise the Wage Coalition which will include statements from Senator Steans, Representative Gable, activists Robert Peterson who relies on DSP’s and others. Later, the Senate Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 2952, the Chief Sponsor is Senator Steans which increases the starting wage for DSP’s to $15.00.

Wednesday, the House Appropriations Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 5931, the Chief Sponsor is Representative Gable and her bill is identical to the Senate bill.

Please take action below ask your legislators to become Co-Sponsors of these bills. Also it is important that you become a proponent of this important Senate and House legislation.

Then I head back to Chicago for meetings with advocates on Friday in Chicago!

Raise the Wage Alert


Take Action Now!

I am very pleased to inform you that we now have a hearing for our Direct Support Professional Wage Bill in the House Appropriations Human Services Committee on Wednesday, Apr 13th, 10:00 a.m., Capitol Building Room 114 Springfield.

Please submit a witness slip as a proponent for House Bill 5931.

Also ask your House Representative to become a Co-Sponsor of HB is the f.act sheet

Okay, if you didn’t contact your Senator, do it now!!

The Senate Human Services Committee is meeting on Tuesday (April 12) in Room 409 of the Capitol with Senate Bill 2952 (DSP Wage Bill)  is the only order of business at this time.  This is the senate version of the $15.00 per hour wage bill for Direct Service Professionals.

There will be a vote taken on this bill – it is not a subject matter hearing!

Below is a link to fill out a witness slip for the bill.  I encourage everyone on this list to share broadly and strongly encourage anyone and everyone to fill out this slip in support of the bill.


Also ask your Senator to become a Co-Sponsor of SB 2952. Here is the  FACT SHEET on SB 2952.


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