We must keep the pressure on

1) Call your legislators if you have any issues with Medicaid application, management or re-determinations that you cannot fix.  Let them know that you, a constituent is one of the many people having problems.  They have staff who can help you address the individual issues.  BUT you also want to ask that they call for HFS and DHS to come up with an interim solution for people with I/DD.

2) Email meg at meg@thearcofil.org with stories and specifically the following information (or you can click here to submit it through survey monkey):

  1. name,
  2. email/phone,
  3. Is your issue medicaid, snap, both or other
  4. the issue you or someone you know is facing,
  5. are you a parent/family, individual with I/DD, provider or other,
  6. are you willing to share your story with press and/or at a hearing.

There is at least one reporter interested in lifting up this story and legislators have suggested that they will continue to hold hearing on this issue.  We need to make sure the stories are out there!

Thanks in advance for your advocacy on this!  We are working with partner organizations to identify pressure points either through legislation (the nursing homes have already created a bill for seniors which is working its way through the legislature – HB4771).

Here are some of the comments made recently based on the hearing on Monday and followup advocacy:
Article 1 – hearing follow up
Article 2 – hearing follow up
Rauner Responds

Also! SB2429-Medicaid Dental Services expansion passed out of Senate. It moves to the house.



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