Late Friday, I talked to Director Fenton about Developmental Disability Providers getting their July Medicaid payment. The Director indicated that organizations would soon be getting notice that July Medicaid services are being processed. This is consistent with the flurry of recent court actions so help is on the way.  I also asked if Home Based Services are covered and his response wat that yes Home-Based Services will be process as well. Unfortunately, grants like TAP and Life Span are not.

I will be in Federal Court on Tuesday to hear the Ligas Joint Motion on the behalf of Ligas and non-Ligas Class members.

See John Bouman’s memo on Wednesdays Court ruling in Federal Court on Medicaid services and payments.


In Court this morning  (Wednesday), the lawyers for the state agencies, Treasurer and Comptroller announced that the state has decided to make all Medicaid payments (including not just claims, but also all the assessments, supplementals, capitation fees, etc, that are not based on claims) for all patients and all programs statewide.

July payments are being processed and payments will start August 10 (next week).  August payments will be made the week of August 24, which is more or less the usual schedule.  Based on those promises made to the judge in open court, the court entered an order continuing our motions for two weeks to monitor compliance.  If the payments are not made as promised, we can return to court for relief.  The matters are set for August 19.

So, please monitor payments and report any substantial deviation from the above.

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