This is going to be quite a busy week for The Arc.  Monday I am in Chicago having been asked to serve of the Steering Committee for the Illinois Provider/Plan/Payer Alliance for Health Project. See description below.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I will be in the Capitol. Wednesday kicks off with our Going Home Rally at the Lincoln Statue in front of the Capitol. We are expecting Governor Quinn to also attend the rally! 

Later in the afternoon the Senate Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on the Governor’s Proposed State Budget for Human Services Fiscal Year 2014. The Arc supports this budget because it continues the rebalancing efforts and fully funds the Ligas Consent Decree. I will send you my testimony.

Thursday morning, the House Appropriations Human Services will also hold its hearing on the Human Services Budget. Late afternoon I head back to Chicago for a presentation with students in the LEND Program at the Dept. of Disability and Human Development at UIC. Also on Thursday, the Murray Parents Association will hold a rally in the Capitol.

Saturday I head to Washington D.C. for our Annual Disability Policy Seminar and returning on Thursday!


I am very pleased to invite you to serve on the Steering Committee for the Illinois Provider­/Plan/Payer Alliance for Health project. 

As you may know, Illinois was recently awarded a Model Design grant from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovations (CMMI) for the development of a State Health Care Innovation Plan. Through these grants, CMMI is encouraging states to develop multi-payer approaches that send a consistent signal to providers and consumers incentivizing healthy behaviors, safe environments, and appropriate community supports linked to high quality care through accountable and comprehensive delivery systems. As a member of the Steering Committee you will play an important role determining how Illinois develops its models to test over three years in the next round of funding.  The grant period officially begins April 1, and we must submit the comprehensive plan to CMS by September 30.

Over these six months, Illinois will develop its State Health Care Innovation Plan, which will focus on models to improve overall population health through collaboration among public health, health care, and community development sectors. The Innovation Plan will incorporate new initiatives, as well as build upon the delivery and payment system reforms already underway in Medicaid and the private sector. The planning process will require collaboration among health plans, providers, and payers to reform payment and delivery systems and the active engagement of community development and public health communities to enhance quality, improve health status and reduce overall costs. The steering committee will broadly reflect those stakeholders.

I will lead the development of the plan in conjunction with the directors of Healthcare and Family Services, Human Services, Aging, Insurance, Professional Regulation, and Public Health. Health Management Associates will facilitate the staff workgroups focusing on delivery system/payment reform, data, and policy changes needed. Their work will be submitted to the steering committee at three meetings over the course of the next six months. The agenda and charter for the steering committee will be distributed next week.

Overall, this grant is essential to achieve Governor Quinn’s goal to transform Illinois’ health care system to emphasize health, wellness, and independence. A healthy population is critical to keep health care costs affordable for businesses and families, which in turn will help Illinois attract jobs and continue to expand our economy.

We welcome your participation.

Michael Gelder
Senior Health Policy Advisor to Governor Pat Quinn

Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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