Derrick DuFresne, Director of CRA, was the primary presenter at our Executive Forum today. Derrick talked to us about the Governor’s Rebalancing Initiative and the systems put in place to assist in the transition of individuals out of state operated facilities into the community. The Governor has called for the closing of four state operated facilities in the next 2 ½ years. The first two will be Jacksonville and Murray Developmental Centers. As always, Derrick did an excellent job.

I encourage you and your organization to assist in the rebalancing efforts of the Division of Developmental Disabilities. If your organization is interested in becoming involved in the rebalancing efforts, you can connect with Derrick at 314-606-8400 or
If you are a family member with a loved one that is about to be transitioned out of a state operated facility and would like to talk to a family member who has already gone through that transition, you can contact Katherine Hamann at 708-334-8153 or
The Governor announced the Rebalancing Initiative in November of 2011. CRA made its first visit to the Jacksonville Developmental Center in February of 2012.
Some of information I thought you would be interested in:

  1. In February, there were 181 residents at JDC.
  2. 40 of the residents have the Office of State Guardian as their guardian.
  3. 140 of the residents have private guardians.
  4. Today, there are 136 residents at JDC.
  5. There are 46 community organizations now involved in the rebalancing. They feel they have enough providers to move everyone out of JDC, but they are encouraging providers to assist in the rebalancing as it moves forward.
  6. 150 residents have now completed Person Centered Planning.
  7. 80 individuals have active providers assisting them in the transition from JDC.
  8. 20 residents are about to be introduced to community providers for choice.
  9. Most of the residents who have moved from JDC have moved into settings of four people or less.
  10. 7 residents have moved into ICFDD’s choosing not to participate in the ACCT process.
  11. Sunday, Director Casey and Derrick met with the Murray Parents Association to discuss the closure of Murray Developmental Center.

Here is a link to Derrick’s handout, Active Community Care Transitions (ACCT), which is an overview of the ACCT process.




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