Last week the Advisory Committee on the closing of the Jacksonville Developmental Center  (JDC) met. Here are our notes on that meeting and they are not meant to be the official minutes.

1). As of 10.10.12:
       There are 127 individuals on the JDC campus.
       Of these, 57 people have identified CILA providers.
       20 people have interested CILA providers.
2). Since April, 2012 (when the JDC census was 181):
       33 people have been discharged.
       19 people are on pre-transition visits, pending discharge.
       2   individuals who were discharged were re-admitted for short term assistance. One of these individuals went to Ludeman and has since transitioned to a CILA. The other person is at JDC.
3). Over the previous weekend (10.6.12-10.7.12) one individual living at JDC passed away.
4). So far, this is where individuals have moved:
       43 individuals moved to CILAs of 4 beds or less.
       1 individual has Home-Based Support Services.
       2 individuals moved to CILAs of greater than 4 beds.
       6 individuals moved to ICF-DDs.
5). Of those who moved, 24 individuals have private guardians – 17 moved to CILAs of 4 beds or less, 2 moved to 8 bed settings, 5 individuals moved to ICF-DDs.
      27 individuals who moved have OSG guardians – 26 moved to 4 bed or less CILAs and 2 people moved to an ICF-DD.
      1 person who moved is legally competent and has Home-Based Support Services.
6). Since April, 2012 a few people have transitioned most weeks. The highest number of people (12) moved in the fifth week of August.
Most of the discussion this time centered around the JDC Monitoring Tracker, which provides information about people who have transitioned out and incidents related to them. Director Casey asked everyone to compare the columns “Total issues identified per month per setting” and “Unduplicated Count of Individuals per month.” In September, 2012, for example, 7 individuals accounted for 17 issues. These were not issues with 17 different people.
So far, out of 52 people transitioned, there have been 0 admissions to nursing homes post discharge from JDC, 0 agency specific issues, and 0 deaths. As mentioned previously, there have been 2 readmissions to SODCs on a temporary basis. There have been 2 incidents of OIG involvement, 4 elopements or elopement attempts (accounted for by 2 people),  and 8 incidents of behavior management issues. The discussion focused on several items, particularly the 6 incidents of police involvement (accounted for by 2 people), 18 incidents of hospital admissions or ER visits, and 4 psychiatric hospitalizations. Director Casey emphasized that of the people who have transitioned out, three people are really struggling and may account for incidents in multiple categories. Psychiatric hospitalizations were made when a person’s level of behavior indicates an oncoming problem. Some of these are repeats. He encouraged the committee to call him for data particulars, which is preferable to incorrect assumptions being made and promulgated. Of course, as always, he stressed that individuals cannot be identified because their privacy must be maintained.
The committee discussed definitions of some of these incidents. The hospital data is accounted for mainly by people who have pneumonia, urinary tract infections, or status seizures. These are problems everywhere people are served, in both the community and SODCs. Director Casey gave an example of a police incident. Someone in the Emergency  room suffering with a great deal of pain from an abscessed tooth broke a window in a door in the ER and the hospital called the police. The police came, talked to everyone involved and filed a report but there was no other action. The committee requested similar data from JDC for the same time period for comparison purposes and Director Casey agreed to provide that.
Staffing levels at JDC were discussed. There are 210 technicians and 34 nurses (14 contractual). Staffing ratios are more than adequate for the people who continue to reside on campus. There is some flexibility about staff numbers. Staff who are transferring to another state job can be held back from their new assignments or detailed back to JDC for a limited period of time.
The official closing date is still October 31st. The administration assured the committee that there will be more than adequate staffing levels for however many people may remain at JDC after that date. Director Casey emphasized that his priority is finding the best living situation for everyone who is transitioning, even if it means that the date may not be met.
Several outside agencies continue to monitor JDC and to discuss their reviews with the JDC administration in the form of a closeout before they leave the Center.
One of the committee members asked if families who choose not to work with CRA for their transition, can they still choose community options for their loved ones? Director Casey answered that families who don’t work with CRA are entitled to look at the same resources as everyone else.

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