I need you to call your Senators on Monday! Legislation has been proposed to stop the Governor’s Rebalancing Initiative! Prepare to make your calls on Monday and ask others to participate in this action as well..

Our message: “Oppose Senate Bill 3564. Everyone deserves a full life in the community.”
It is extremely important that all members of the Senate hear from us so ask your friends and other advocates to participate in this action alert on Monday. Please call their Springfield office.
If you do not know your legislator or their contact information, go to this link for State Board of Elections:
Here are the facts on Senate Bill 3564:
Support Community-Based Services for People with Disabilities:
SB 3564 requires the General Assembly to vote by joint resolution to uphold or overturn an advisory opinion issued by the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) regarding the closure of state institutions.  While providing no deadline for action by the General Assembly, the bill prohibits the Governor from taking any action to implement a recommendation to close a state institution unless and until the General Assembly upholds the closure recommendation.
SB 3564 Impedes the State’s Rebalancing Plan
•         Historically, Illinois Governors have had a very difficult time closing state-run institutions — even those proven to be dangerous.
•         In November 2011 Governor Quinn announced a plan to rebalance Illinois’ long term care system, calling for the closure of up to four state-run developmental centers by 2014. 
•         SB 3564 is a blatant attempt to thwart the State’s rebalancing initiative to increase community-based services for people with disabilities — an effort that is already underway and long overdue. 
•         SB 3564 will delay and impede — perhaps indefinitely — the Governor’s ability to close developmental centers and other state-run institutions, whether for safety reasons or to bring the State in compliance with the community integration mandate of the ADA and the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision.  IT IS BAD PUBLIC POLICY.
SB 3564 Raises Serious Constitutional Questions Regarding Separation of Powers
•         The operation, of state-run institutions, including decisions to open or close institutions, lies within the executive branch’s responsibility. 
•         In a case regarding the closure of the state-run Dixon Developmental Center, the Illinois Supreme Court held that another branch of government may not interfere with the authority of the executive branch to make decisions regarding the closure of state-run institutions (91 Ill.2d 518, 440 N.E.2d 117 (1982).
•         SB 3654 attempts to do precisely the same thing and thus is likely an unconstitutional seizure by the General Assembly of the Governor’s authority to administer departments within the executive branch. 
The following organizations stand in strong opposition to SB 3564:
Equip for Equality
Access Living
United Cerebral Palsy of Illinois
Don Moss & Associates
The Arc of Illinois
Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living
Family Support Network
Illinois Self-Advocacy Alliance
The Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities
Barbara M. Pritchard, Community for All Coalition member
Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois

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The Arc of Illinois
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