IL Legislative Alerts

Arc Urgent Action Alert

  Now, the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Board will take up the closure of the Jacksonville Development Center on October 30-31 in Bollingbrook. They are receiving lots of letters… Read more »

Arc Legislative Update

        I am meeting with Nancy Webster, Vice President of the Arc of the United States today!Here is a legislative update from Phil Milsk our Govermental Affairs… Read more »

Arc Budget Summary and Call to Action

        It was very strange the way the House Human Services Appropriations Committee convened, then immediately adjourned, without taking any action on the Dept. of Human Services… Read more »

Arc Action Alert

        The Illinois House of Representatives goes into session at noon today, Monday, for what will be the final week of the legislative session. This is our… Read more »

Arc Action Alert – Call Today!

      I need you to call today! The following legislators will be voting to close Murray Developmental Center on Tuesday, May 1st. Each of them is considering keeping… Read more »

Arc Action Alert

      I need you to take action on this important matter by noon on Thursday. Please pass this Action Alert on to other advocates.I recommend you send your… Read more »

Arc Action Alert in House

      Another bad bill has been introduced to stop rebalancing the disability system. It is House Bill 4809 and it has been assigned to the State Government Committee…. Read more »

Arc Action Alert

        I appreciate those of you who made your calls opposing Senate Bill 3564. We are having an impact. Advocates met this morning to discuss where we… Read more »

Arc Urgent Action Alert

        I need you to call your Senators on Monday! Legislation has been proposed to stop the Governor’s Rebalancing Initiative! Prepare to make your calls on Monday and… Read more »