Issues of the Day

Mabley Center Story

       The hearing to close state institutions are scheduled to take place soon. The hearing for the closing of Mabley in Dixon is set for Monday and the… Read more »

Jacksonville Hearing Date Set

Mark Doyle has been hired by the Dept. of Human Services to coordinate the closings of the developmental and mental health centers ordered by the Governor. Mark is the CEO… Read more »

Arc Update – October 6, 2011

We had an excellent meeting with Director Kevin Casey on Monday. He brings to the Director’s position great experience and advocacy skills. We are going to need his skills and… Read more »

New Class Action Lawsuit Filed

       As you read this report, I am on my way to the Capitol to meet with Director Casey. Bob Farley has filed another lawsuit against the State… Read more »

Moving to Community Care

      A couple of days ago I mentioned I had a meeting with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board to talk about closing state institutions and investing in community… Read more »

Arc Action Alert on Mabley

   Please forward widely to other advocates for community. URGENT ACTION NEEDED!  Call today to make sure Illinois closes Mabley Developmental Center! This is what fighting the institutional bias looks… Read more »