Keep Up the Fight! Update on Healthcare Bills

Today or early tomorrow, the Senate is expected to vote on the misnamed “Skinny Repeal”, which still is estimated might affect 15 million people.  The skinny repeal bill would remove the individual and employer mandates and roll back the tax on medical devices.  If it passes, one of two things could happen, the House could... Read more »

Healthcare vote expected today around 2 pm

Thanks to all who have advocated to Illinois Senators and beyond.  Today is the day that the Senate is expected to vote on a motion to proceed (MTP) to debate on at least one if not more healthcare repeal and replace bills.  It is still not clear what will be voted on but Senator McCain... Read more »

Save Medicaid – One More Time

Another Monday means another action alert.  However, we are hearing that a Senate vote is expected tomorrow on healthcare.  There a lot of pressure being applied on both sides in this fight, but WE CAN’T LOSE!  There will be a vote on a motion to proceed.  We want Senators to vote no.  Senator Collins from... Read more »

Arc Update – Healthcare Bills Defeated? & State Budget Implementation

State and Federal Update Here are some of the highlights and calls to action for this week.  For the latest news, check Facebook and Twitter. Illinois Budget Implementation and State Shake Up Medicaid- Healthcare Bill on Hold/Maybe Be Dead?! Request for Information Job Opportunity Upcoming Events Illinois Budget & Governor Shake Up Illinois Budget Follow Up Illinois... Read more »

FY18 Budget Debrief

Thank you again to all those who helped the They Deserve More campaign to fight for the wage increase.  As you know, the state budget included a 75 cent increase for direct support professionals and other front line staff working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Here is the BIMP language included in the budget... Read more »

IL Has a Budget!  

With the House’s vote to override the Governor’s veto of the three budget related bills, Illinois has a budget for FY18.  Included in this budget is a 75 cent wage increase for direct support professionals and funding for critical information, systems navigation, family support and other grant funding for people with disabilities.  Our community now... Read more »

State Budget Update

State Budget Update – We are almost there! Thank you for all your advocacy over the past week and really throughout the last year to try to push legislators and the Governor to negotiate a full year responsible budget.  We are almost there! ACTION: Call your House member to ask them to support this responsible... Read more »

State Budget Update 7/3/2017

Happy 4th of July!  For those who were not sitting on pins and needles yesterday, I wanted to share a good summary of the votes in the House and encourage folks to email/call their House members who supported these bills to say THANK YOU and keep it up. Bills passed the House yesterday and head... Read more »

Federal Update/Action

Happy Fourth of July!  As we head off to celebrate Independence Day, we hope that everyone will take this week to speak up to legislators.  Call, email, social media or stop by their local offices. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ADVOCACY AND SUPPORT FOR THE INDEPENDENCE OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES ON THIS JULY 4! Background... Read more »

State Budget Update 6-30-2017

Happy Fourth of July!  There is so much going on between the state and federal level, I split this email into do.  This is the State Budget Policy Edition! As everyone knows, we are wrapping the official special session for the state legislature, called by Governor Rauner at little more than a week ago.  Moody’s... Read more »