DHS Budget Briefing FY’16

Robert Brock, Budget Director, gave the summary of the DHS budget.
There are no across the board cuts. He tried to focus on vulnerable individuals and
what is needed on a day to day basis.
$423.8 million cut in general revenue funding in the Dept. of Human Services.
Continued push to move individuals with disabilities out of institutional care into the

Division of Developmental Disabilities Budget
Minor increase in appropriation over last year.
Annualization funded for community services and transitions in proposed budget.
No cuts to community developmental disability services/supports. There is a 12%
rate for ICF/DD.
Ligas Consent Decree appears to be fully funded with individuals coming off the
PUNS Waiting List. New $16 million for BIP projects.
No state institutional closures but individuals will continue to transition out of state
institutions, about 100 transitions are estimated.
All community non-Medicaid grants eliminated, respite care, The Autism Program,
Arc Life Span, dental, Best Buddies, etc.
Proposed State Budget is online: http://www2.illinois.gov/gov/budget/Pages/default

The Dept. of Human Services Budget PowerPoint should be online Monday at: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?
More on this budget later. Advocates are meeting this afternoon to discuss
We now move to the General Assembly as the next step in the budget process.
We need to restore the cuts to community grants, advocate for employment
initiatives and create fully inclusive community services for infants, children and
adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.


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