Join The Arc June 6 For Medicaid Day of Advocacy

We are hearing that the Senate might consider a revised version of the American Health Care Act, which will CUT AND CAP MEDICAID by more than $800 million before the August Recess.  This means we need to keep up the pressure, stories, social media and calls to our Legislators to make sure they DON’T CUT OR CAP OUR MEDICAID.

June 6 is a Nation Day of Action for Medicaid.  Please join in one or all of the following ways:

  1. Rally June 6 at 11 am – 12 pm, Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, Chicago, bring signs!
  2. Join in through social media using the hashtag #SaveMedicaid and make sure to tag us @arcillinois.  Tell your story or your loved one’s story about how Medicaid impacts their lives.
  3. Reach out to your legislators – tell them your story.
  4. Reach out to your friends and family who live in states like PA,AK, AZ, ME, NV, OH, WV where there are Senators who need to hear from people who care about Medicaid.  Ask them to make calls to support Medicaid!
  5. Write letters to the editors and op ed pieces talking about the real impact of Medicaid.

Thank you for all your hard work.  The polling on the AHCA as it stands now shows that many of the nation are with us in opposing cuts or caps to Medicaid but we need to make sure the Senate keeps hearing from us!

June 6 Day of Action

Tuesday, June 6 is a Day of Action to send the message to Congress: No Cuts! No Caps! Save Medicaid!



Ligas in Court Yesterday

Yesterday, the judge heard from both parties and the Court Monitor in the 5th annual hearing.  There was an agreement all sides were at an impasse and there was a debate over the sufficiency of the funds provided by the state for ICFs and CILAs that impact quality.  The state indicated that they did not see issues with quality or lack of resources.  See their response here.  The plaintiffs indicated that they will be filling a motion for enforcement.  This and the state response are expected in April and May with a court date later in the summer.



Grand Bargain Fails in Senate

The post mortem is still being done on the failure by the Senate to pass a grand bargain, the package of 13 bills that would have address revenue and some structural reforms.  It is generally agreed that the Governor’s Office intervene and indicated that the package did not include enough of what the Governor had wanted. We will look to the House next week to see if they move towards a posal another stopgap budget to make sure some funding continues.  If this happens, it is unclear if the Governor would sign it.



SB 955 Passes Out of Committee

The Community Disability Living Wage Act, SB 955, which would ensure stability and access to services for individuals receiving services by raising the wage of the workforce passed by a vote of 6-2 along partisan lines.  See here for the vote.  Thank you to all the 2000 individuals and organizations that sent slips of support for the bill!  Please call your legislators to sign on as a co-sponsor to SB 955 and HB 2920 in the House!



Take Action To Prevent Gutting of the ACA and Medicaid

It is expected that the House will take up as early as next week a healthcare bill that has not been shared or scored yet.  Call your Senators and Representatives today 202-224-3121Now is the time for ACTION, remember every call matters!  Don’t let them take away health care and services for millions of people and replace it with a plan that CUTS Medicaid.

What to Say:

  • I am a member of The Arc.
  • I am a person with I/DD or I am a family member of someone with I/DD or I am a professional in the disability field.
  • Do NOT repeal with ACA without a good replacement.
  • Do NOT allow cuts to Medicaid to be part of any replacement.
  • The ACA and Medicaid helps me/my family member to have health care and community based services.