New Threats to Medicaid: Action Needed
Call Our Senators Now!

This summer, advocates like you worked hard to defeat a dangerous health care bill that would have included massive cuts to Medicaid. We need your help to reinforce this message once again, as new proposals are being introduced that include similar threats.

Key Senators and the White House are working together to create a bill called the Graham-Cassidy plan (you can learn more about it here). This bill would block grant and make huge cuts to the Medicaid program, and end the Medicaid expansion and marketplace subsidies.

In short, it would be devastating to people with disabilities and their families and threaten access to community living.

Use our sample script to call your Members of Congress NOW and tell them to:

  • Oppose cuts to Medicaid. Any cuts to Medicaid threaten the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill.

Act now: Last month the Senate parliamentarian issued an opinion that the deadline for the current budget reconciliation process is September 30th. This means that until then, fewer votes are needed to pass this bill. So take action NOW!

Thank you for your work to protect Medicaid!

Below are contacts you can use to send your emails or direct your phone calls:

Senator Dick Durbin
711 Hart Senate Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Main: 202.224.2152
Chicago: 312.353.4952
Springfield: 217.492.4062
Carbondale: 618.351.1122
Rock Island: 309.786.5173
Fax: 202.228.0400 

Senator Tammy Duckworth
524 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: (202) 224-2854
Chicago: (312) 886-3506
Springfield: (217) 528-6124

If you know anyone who lives in New Hampshire, Alaska, West Virginia, Arizona and Ohio.

Thank you for your incredible advocacy! 

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Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
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