This just in from yesterday’s Illinois Observer.


 Rauner Sends “Pink Slips” to Quinn Officials

by IO News Staff

(Chicago) – Governor-elect Bruce Rauner has begun the process of cleaning house,
sending dismissal notices to top Quinn Administration officials.

Governor Pat Quinn’s chief of staff, Ryan Croke, alerted cabinet directors, deputy
directors and top lawyers in an e-mail on Monday evening that employment status letters
would start to flow and that “some will be notified that they will not be retained.”

Here’s the e-mail from Croke:

From: Croke, Ryan
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 06:53 PM Central Standard Time
Subject: Incoming correspondence

Dear Colleagues,

Today the Governor-elect’s staff mailed letters to various agency Directors, Assistant
Directors, and General Counsels concerning their employment status after January 19th.
We have been advised that some will be notified that they will not be retained, but can
submit their resumes for other positions.

Others will be asked to stay on until their successor is chosen. I wanted to make sure you
were aware of this development.

Thank you for your leadership and professionalism. I continue to be very proud of our
work together.


The letters, dated January 5, 2015, that began arriving, via State of Illinois e-mail, are
from Rauner’s general counsel, Jason Barclay, and state: “This letter is to notify you that
your appointment with the Executive Branch of the State of Illinois will not be extended
beyond January 19, 2015.”

Barclay did point out to the newly dismissed agency chiefs that Rauner is “accepting
applications for other positions in state government” and “your resume can be sent to my

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