Protect Social Security and SSI!

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has proposed a rule that would require complicated paperwork more often and put benefits for thousands of people with disabilities at risk!

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are crucial supports for many people with disabilities, and the system to access these benefits is already too complicated. We don’t need to make the system even more complex. The proposed rule would:

  • Require people with disabilities to fill out complicated paperwork 2.6 million more times over the next ten years
  • Put benefits for thousands of people with disabilities at risk
  • Cut $2.8 billion in Social Security and SSI benefits

Learn more here about the proposed rule and the harmful changes it would cause.


This rule would increase how often adults and children with disabilities must prove that they have a disability. This process is called Continuing Disability Reviews and can be extremely complicated. People with disabilities, their families, their teachers, and their service providers often spend weeks gathering information and making sure forms are filled out correctly. Even minor errors on a form can put Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits at risk, as well as Medicaid services and other benefits. Unfortunately, SSA often makes mistakes in these reviews, forcing people with disabilities and their families to hire lawyers and spend years getting back the benefits they are entitled to.

The proposed rule would cut $2.8 billion in Social Security and SSI benefits.

Take Action Now

There is still time to stop this rule. Until January 31SSA is taking comments from the public, which the government must read and respond to before it makes the rule final. It is critical that the disability community send in as many comments as possible explaining why this rule is harmful and how Social Security and SSI helps people with disabilities to stop the rule from being implemented.   Thank you for your advocacy!