Action on Monday Towards Ending the Subminimum Wage for People with Disabilities Hearing

Monday, November 18 at 10 am at City Hall, 121 LaSalle Street

The hearing will start at 10:00 am but please know that there will multiple items on the agenda for Monday including the amendments to the 2020 city budget, Rideshare reforms, cannabis and the management ordinance.  The Management Ordinance which contains the Minimum Wage Ordinance is at the very end of the schedule and so we are being told to show up around 11:30 am. You can fill out the pink witness slips in the back of Chambers to testify and they will be available throughout the meeting. Even if do NOT plan on testifying, please fill it out in support.  We understand that public comment will also be held throughout the hearing rather than just at the end. 

Alderman Dowell, the Budget Committee Chair, will be conducting the hearing and both she and the Sergeant at Arms know that there may be people with disabilities in the audience who may not be able to wait long periods or need assistance.

Even if you can not come to speak or support in person, if you live in the city of Chicago, please use this link below from Access Living to tell your Alderman to support.  Quick email action link is here.

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DDD Update on 3.5 % Rate Increase Implementation for CILA and HBS

As you know, CMS has approved the 3.5% for our community providers effective 7/1/19. We have not received word on our State Plan Amendment in regards to our ICF/DD increases effective 8/1/19. Below is a Q & A on implementation for both settings. An additional Q & A on implementation of the minimum wage increase will be forthcoming. 

Will the 3.5% funding be required to be designated to wages?

  • No, the 3.5% continues to be flexible.

Is the 3.5% retroactive?

  • Community Providers: The 3.5% is retroactive to 7/1/19. DDD will need to generate and mail new rate sheets which will take up to three weeks. Note: CDS providers that provide services to individuals in SODCs will not see their rates reflect the change until the State Plan Amendment (SPA) has been approved by CMS.
  • ICF/DD Providers: Our State Plan Amendment (SPA) has not yet been approved. Increases will be retroactive to 8/1/19 and will be implemented once the State Plan Amendment (SPA) is approved by CMS.

What about HBS and HBS participants in CDS programs? 

  • HBS participants have a Monthly Allocation established by 405 ILCS 80/2-6.  An increase in any Statewide Rate will result in a reduction in the amount of services the HBS participant can purchase against their monthly/yearly allocation.  This reduction of services will hold true until the next SSI rate increase on January 1, 2020.
  • It is not possible for an HBS service agreement to be revised retroactively if the budget has been expended, as services have already been delivered, billed, and paid.  Some HBS participants have completed service agreements currently in place in accordance with the approved FY19 rates and are utilizing services to the maximum extent allowable within their allotted monthly budget.  In this case, the provider of the service will NOT get reimbursed for the rate difference.
  • An HBS participant must revise their service agreement, prospectively, to adjust for a change in rates or services to be purchased.  A revised service agreement must fit all services to be purchased within an HBS participant’s monthly maximum allocation.
  • Providers should move forward with adjusting previous service agreements only if there is room in prior months budgets, otherwise, they should start with the November service agreements.

Rates Oversight Committee Final Report Released

DDD shared the rates oversight committee’s final recommendations here.  As you might remember, these recommendations have been shared with the rates consultant who is making recommendations on new rates for home and community based services and ICFDDs.  Also included in the recommendations are some systems reforms that have already begun including the request for information for Assistive Technology Innovation and a group to review the ICAP.  Although the report is done, much work will continue!

Senate President Cullerton Announces Retirement Illinois Senate President John Cullerton will retire in January — and there’s already talk about who might succeed him.  Cullerton broke the news to the Senate Democratic caucus after wrapping up a high-stress day in Springfield on Thursday.  The 70-year-old lawmaker said it’s time: Along with focusing on family, he can leave knowing the General Assembly will operate well with a Democratic governor in office. – More from Politico