The Arc of Illinois “Living With Autism” Conference will be taking place on
September 24, 2013 at the Tinley Park Convention Center. The “Living With
Autism” Conference will bring together experts from across the country to
discuss and examine topics relating to a variety of issues that will help families,
professionals, and everyone living with autism in their everyday life. Keynote
Stephen Shore, Ed.D. will share his experiences living with autism
with his presentation,
“Obstacles Into Opportunities: Turning Away From
Closed Doors and Opening New Ones”.
Participants will come away with
practical solutions for considering characteristics of autism as potential springboards
to success in education from preschool to post graduate, employment, effective
self-advocacy, and meaningful engagement in the community as building blocks
for leading a fulfilling and productive life.

Barbara T. Doyle, MS will present “Positive Behavioral Change.” Participants
will learn: unifying assumptions that will make behavioral interventions more effective,
accurate, working definitions of behavior, behavior management and behavioral
programming; the importance of the “can’t vs. won’t” dilemma; simple, effective ways to
collect and analyze data; how to communicate more effectively with others regarding
behavior in order to have better team decision making and much more!

Dr. Paula Kluth will present “You’re Going To Love This Kid”: Educating
Students with Autism in Inclusive Schools and Community Settings.”

Participants will learn practical ways of supporting students with autism spectrum
labels and other disabilities within general education classrooms and community settings.

Continuing Education Credits for professionals will be available at this conference. Register
online at or check out the brochure here. For questions,
please contact our office at (815) 464-1832.

Rubin Law, A Professional Corporation is a Keynote Sponsor of The Arc of “Illinois
Living With Autism” Conference.

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