If you are a person with a disability or you have a loved one with a disability, national and state public policy impacts your life literally.

Our elected representatives determine and make decisions that influences the quality of your life. Your health care, education, housing and employment are all impacted by your elected representatives, good or bad. Do you know where your representatives stand on these essential issues?
Justin Dart
Justin Dart

As Justin Dart, whom we consider the father of the American with Disability Act (ADA), said in one of this final interviews, “The time has come for them (people with disabilities) to be soldiers of justice. They have to give up life as usual, give up politics as usual and fight for the coming elections to elect people who support disability rights. And they got to fight every day as citizen advocates to create a society where no politicians or no media person would dare attack disability rights because they would risk getting reelected.”

I hope this toolkit will empower you to become a soldier of justice and meet with candidates in this critical 2016 election and confront them with the issues that are important to you and your family. Your very life may depend upon this.

This toolkit includes:

  1. The State Board of Elections is Your Friend
  2. Are You Registered to Vote?
  3. Finding Your Elected Representative
  4. Who is Running for Office in Your Area
  5. Meeting the Candidates
  6. Presidential Candidates Disability Rights Positions
  7. Candidate  Forums
  8. Supporting Candidates
  9. After the Election
  10. 2016 Illinois State Candidates Questions
  11. 2016 National Candidates Questions
  12. Additional Resources


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