We have been in Springfield this week talking about the many bills that could impact the lives of people with disabilities.  Next week is committee deadlines for the House (this week was the Senate) so I would expect it to be a busy week since it is a make or break time for many bills to either get out of committee or die for the year.  We are still negotiating for example with DHS around our PUNS waiting list transparency and communication bill and our bill around people living in non-Medicaid certified homes/units on SODC campus.

Customized Employment
A huge thanks to Anne Taylor from MarcFirst for joining me in testifying for SB2087/HB3115, Customized Employment Pilot, which passed both the House and the Senate Human Services Committee!

New bill Introduced to Retroactively Remove ISCs from the NOFO Process and Void the NOFO Awards
A new bill, HB844, was introduced this week that would retroactively remove ISCs (independent service coordination agencies) from being subject to a notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) competition.  We would expect that this would return the ISCs to the 17 original regions.  It is not clear based on the language of the bill if the Division could again propose a restructuring with a smaller number of regions and a process for competitive application to over see those regions.  It is also not clear if and how the organizations that did not apply under the NOFO process would continue after July 1.  Sponsors include Reps Jay Hoffman, Norine Hammond, LaToya Greenwood, Katie Stuart and Monica Bristow.  The Arc Public Policy Committee is meeting today to talk about the bill.  We hope to have more information soon.

Talk To Your Legislators
Please call your legislators to support the follow key issues – More Action Alerts to Follow:

  • Staff Crisis – Wage Increase
  • Disability Integration Act
  • Employment – Customized Employment and Subminimum Wage Bills
  • End PUNS waiting list and create communications with people waiting.