The Arc of Illinois, through a generous donation, has developed a new Assistive Technology
Program. This program began in January, 2015 and funds, or partially funds, the purchase of
assistive technology, such as an iPad, for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental
disabilities for social and communication skills.  The goal of The Arc of Illinois Assistive
Technology Program is to enhance and improve the quality of life for persons with intellectual/
developmental disabilities by providing opportunities for individuals to receive technology to
help with education, employment, community living and independence.  With today’s
technology, there are assistive features on devices like iPads that can really improve learning
for students with special needs.

There are few programs like this in the state of Illinois. The Arc of Illinois is overjoyed to be
able to provide this much needed assistive technology for people with intellectual/
developmental disabilities.  For 3 year olds to 60 year olds, the technology that is available is
amazing and does open doors that were never opened before.  In the first few months of this
program, we funded assistive technology for 125 individuals/families. We have over 300
applications waiting to be approved and processed. The need is overwhelming and in addition
to our very generous donor, we are asking for additional donations to keep up with the

Information on how to apply for the assistance is on The Arc of Illinois’ website. There must be
an evaluation/assessment completed by a qualified provider to prove need and reason for the
requested device.  All equipment or software is shipped directly to the applicant and we make
sure the applicant has technical support as needed.

The Arc of Illinois is very excited about helping all the individuals we have helped and hope to
help many more!  Some examples of people we have helped are:

  • Young children that are non-verbal and may use an iPad at school or with a therapist to
    help them communicate but the family cannot afford to have an iPad at home. Now the
    child has their own iPad and can use it at home, school, therapy and in the community.
    This keeps the child from getting frustrated when they cannot communicate. Quote from
    a mom of a child with Down Syndrome and Autism, “With apps on the iPad Charlotte
    is able to request her favorite food items. We love knowing what Charlotte needs,
    wants and feels!”  

    Another mom of a son with Autism said,
    “My baby boy has a voice again!”
  • A mother expressed her gratitude with a note to The Arc of Illinois about her 12 year old
    son with Down Syndrome. “Thank you to The Arc of Illinois for giving Brian a better
    opportunity to learn, he has a lot of catching-up to do and the iPad is the best
    educational tool to learn. As a single parent with a child with disabilities, it’s very
    hard to provide him with all of his needs. The iPad will motivate Brian to learn, he
    will improve his speech with the app’s and motivate him to articulate sounds and
    words and will help develop his fine motor skills. I can’t even imagine how many
    social and educational doors will open for him in the coming years. And I am
    eternally grateful for opening up my son’s world.”
  • High school students that are ready to transition and may have used an iPad in school
    and will no longer have one. The device can help with their further education,
    employment and community living. One parent told us, “Ryan depends on his device
    as his sole communication. Thank you so much!”
  • We have also provided assistive technology to many adults to help them with self-
    advocacy, communication, employment, scheduling and community living.

The devices have opened a whole new world for many!

We need more donations to keep up with the number of applications we are receiving.
All money donated for this program will go toward purchasing assistive technology for

For a flyer and donation form you can mail to The Arc of Illinois, please click here. If you would
like to donate online, please do so at https://www.thearcofil.org/make-a-donation/ . Please check
the box Yes and In Tribute to then put Assistive Technology on the form. That way your entire
donation will be designated toward the purchase of assistive technology. For more information
about The Arc of Illinois or this program visit our website: www.thearcofil.org or call the office
at 815-464-1832.

Tony Paulauski
Executive Director
The Arc of Illinois
20901 S. LaGrange Rd. Suite 209
Frankfort, IL 60423
815-464-1832 (OFFICE)
815-464-1832 (CELL)

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