The Executive Forum encourages unity in a common action.



  • Promoting of services of high quality consistent with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Advocating on the behalf of persons with or at risk of disabilities.
  • Advocating for the implementation of service systems that adhere to the established values of the Executive Forum.
  • Functioning as an advisory body to The Arc of Illinois Board of Director’s and its Executive Director.
  • Supporting the policies of The Arc of Illinois.
  • Providing in-service education, consultation, study and exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Providing a system of communication through which Executives may share information and
    materials relative to their respective positions or programs.
  • Encouraging the initiation and development of acceptable practices and procedures for staff and
  • Supporting the Code of Ethics of the Executive Forum.
  • Promoting membership in The National Conference of Executives of The Arc.
  • Affecting changes in public policy which have a positive effect on the lives of persons with developmental