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Family-to-Family Health Information Center 

The Arc of Illinois Family-to-Family Health Information Center works with families and professionals to assist with questions and concerns related to the health of children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) under the age of 22. We put our extensive parental and professional experience to work to help other families access resources, communicate with medical providers, and raise children at home in their communities.

How We Help

We understand how challenging healthcare systems can be, which is why we focus on sharing the most thorough, up-to-date resources regarding health insurance options, government benefits, youth transition concerns, and much more. Together, we help your child to thrive in their community.


We share knowledge and know-how to make health-related decisions and raise children at home.


We empower families to become family leaders, affording opportunities to develop and enhance leadership skills on the local, state, and national levels.


We help families connect with local, regional, statewide, and national partners for support, information sharing, and skill building.  

Our Main Goals

As health care coverage options become more complex and costly, we continue to keep abreast of the latest program and policy information, sharing it with families and providers throughout Illinois.

The Family-to-Family Health Information Center aims to: 

Guide informed decisions 

through accurate, current information and resources for all types of public and private health coverage.

Build partnerships

between families and professionals for easy-to-navigate support systems. 

Lend support 

in overcoming systemic barriers to appropriate care together with our professional partners.

Share recommendations 

for changes regarding public policies specific to CYSHCN issues and challenges.

Key Family-to-Family Health Information Center Resources

Special Education Rights and School Health Plan Information
Information About Your Child’s Health Condition(s)
Access to Health Care and Help with Health Insurance
Medicaid Waiver Information
Family-to-Family Health Information Center Resources
Additional Resources 

Our Team 

We are part of a national network of Family-to-Family centers across the United States, funded by the federal government. We are also the State-Affiliated Organization (SAO) for Family Voices, Inc. Our caring, knowledgeable staff members are parents and family members with extensive personal and professional experience in this field. 

Faye Manaster, M.Ed

Project Director

Faye has been with The Arc of Illinois for over 13 years. Her unique qualifications include over forty years of professional experience in the areas of special education, family support, early intervention, and public health. Faye is the parent of an adult daughter who is deafblind, and has cerebral palsy. She became involved as a volunteer with Family Voices, Inc., our national umbrella organization, in 1992 based on her experiences as the parent of an uninsured child with multiple special healthcare needs.

Rocio Perez, MSW

Bilingual Outreach and Information Coordinator

Rocio joined the F2F team during the current project year. Rocio is a social worker, with over two decades of experience in social work, care coordination, family support, and outreach. She is also the parent of an adult son diagnosed with autism. She is active in her community by serving on multiple boards.

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“THANK YOU for all of your work – A. is on Medicaid - AABD with no spenddown. Card arrived on Friday. Coverage is backdated to 1-1-18. Thank you and please thank all of your contacts who helped. It only took 14 months. I owe all of you.!!!”