Mon - Thurs: 9:00am - 5:00pm | Fri: 9:00am - 4:00pm

11th Annual Informational Seminar


Handouts and PowerPoints

“Welcome and Overview” Presented by Shirley Perez, Program Director; Shakari Asbury, Liaison

“As you are planning for the future – What You Need to Know about Guardianship, Alternatives to Guardianship, POA, and an overview of ABLE” Presented by Brian Rubin, Rubin Law

“Understanding the Role of the Independent Service Coordination Agency” Presented by Patty O’Brien, Suburban Access (ISC)

“Ligas Consent Decree Update – What’s Next?” Presented by Barry Taylor, Equip for Equality, and Ronnie Cohn, Ligas Court Monitor

“Update on What’s Happening at DHS/DDD, Updated Policies and Accomplishments, Moving Forward, and EVV” Presented by Sarah Myerscough-Mueller, Interim Director, DDD

“The Arc of Illinois Update” presented by Amie Lulinski, Executive Director, The Arc of Illinois

“The Power of Advocacy through Storytelling” Presented by Ruth Aguilar, Northern LFA

“Meet your Fiscal Agency, ACES$” Presented by Tasha Whiteside, Illinois Program Director, ACES$

Additional Resources

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