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Celebrate Differences.

July is Disability Pride Month! July has been an important month for the disability community because the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed on July 26, 1990. That year, Boston became the first city to celebrate Disability Pride with a parade. Since then cities across the country have followed suit.

Disability Pride Month is a chance to unapologetically celebrate ourselves just the way we are. The Disability Pride Month Flag was created as an outward symbol of identity and resilience. Join The Arc of Illinois to celebrate our differences not just this month – but every month!

The Arc of Illinois is gearing up to celebrate Disability Pride Month with our “Disability Pride” apparel and we hope you will join us. Shop the link below, take a selfie, and post to social media, sharing what disability pride means to you. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #DisabilityPride #DisabilityPrideMonth #CelebrateDifferences and #TheArcofIllinois

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Share on social media what inclusion means to you using #DisabilityPride #DisabilityPrideMonth #CelebrateDifferences and #TheArcofIllinois

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