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NEW! 10th Annual Informational Seminar Recording and Materials

NEW! Resources for RTA, Pace and CTA
RTA, Pace, and CTA Information

NEW! Crisis and Waiver Service Transition Information Bulletin
IL DHS Division of DDD Bulletin on Crisis and Waiver Service Transition

9th Annual Informational Seminar Recording and Materials
9th Annual Informational Seminar Materials

NEW! Assistive Technology & The Waiver 02/25/21:
Adaptive Equipment, Assistive Technology, Remote Support, Home & Vehicle Modification and the Waiver 02/25/21

March 24, 2021 Informational Seminar Brochure:
2021 Informational Seminar Brochure – March 24, 2021

FSN Best Practices Document:
FSN Best Practices Document

IL DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities:

IDHS Most Requested Services:

Aces$ Fiscal Agent:

Consumer Handbook for Home-Based Services:

Independent Service Coordination Manual:

Developmental Disabilities Provider Information:

Developmental Disabilities Manuals:

SDA Guidelines:

SDA providers:

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DHS ISC Office Locator:

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Social Security Website:

Division of Developmental Disabilities Person-Centered Planning Report 5.2.22

Statewide Best Practices and Home Based Services Conference

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